Reinvent your communication with the Onoff application

Discover the useful and awesome features of Onoff.

Call with your
2nd mobile number

Thanks to Onoff, start communicating! Make your calls directly from the app!

Send and receive
your SMS smoothly

Use your second number to send SMS in a simple, fast and efficient way.

Synchronize your contacts

Use your visual voicemail

Activate the ’’Onoff Calls’’

Enjoy the best call quality possible, thanks to “Onoff Calls”!

Send SMS to multiple recipients

Send SMS to as many different recipients as you want at the same time. The contacts you have selected will receive your SMS separately.

Use VoIP outgoing calls

Make calls via a simple internet connection. Convenient when you are abroad for example.

Program your texts sendings

With Onoff, you can write your SMS and send it in the future. Just choose the date and time and it’s set up.

Access from another device

A technical problem with your phone? No worries, download the application on another smartphone, access your number and keep communicating!

Use Onoff with your current number

Program the “On” or “Off” mode

Switch to “On” or “Off” mode

On or Off! It’s up to you! You can deactivate your second number at any time, or choose to only receive calls or texts.

Share your photos
and your videos by MMS​

Share the moments that are important to you, by sending photos and videos to your contacts directly from the application!

Communicate internationally

Many calls to other countries? Onoff allows you to communicate at local rates with international numbers from more than 20 countries.

Talk to your phone!

Send and receive voice messages, in case you cannot send an SMS or do not have the time to tap a long message.

Call Forwarding

Forward your incoming calls to another number

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