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with an app!

Reinvent your communication.
Download the Onoff app and get a second number instantly!

Join the Onoff revolution !

Thanks to its revolutionary patented technology, Onoff allows you to own several mobile numbers in your smartphone. No need to have another SIM card or another device.

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Get a second number with just an app!

Use your SIM Card your for personal number.  Use the Onoff app for your second number.


Onoff Features

Want to get a second number instantly? Send or receive SMS, or even have a direct access to a voicemail, and all of this from an app? Then, it’s On! Onoff is made for you.

Enjoy the best of the best!

The Premium offer allows you to have a better call quality, to launch or receive calls from your desktop computer, to plan when you would like to be reached or to have several devices ring at the same time!

How does it work?

Thanks to its revolutionary patented 'Cloud Numbers' technology, Onoff allows you to obtain mobile numbers directly from the cloud, without the need for another SIM card. The "Onoff Calls" technology allows you to benefit from the best call quality possible by placing GSM calls directly on your mobile's cellular network.

Manage all your communication 
on one device only

No need for a second phone. Manage your personal number and your second number on the same device.

Simple and straightforward plans!

Pick the plan that suits you best!


Instantly get a second mobile number on your smartphone

4,99€ / VAT per month

From 14,99€ for an international number


Go even further by taking advantage of our premium features

8,48€ / VAT per month

From 18,48€ for an international number

Need phone numbers for a professional usage?

Onoff Business is the best solution to help save time, be efficient and reduce costs.

Join the Onoff Revolution now!

Get a second number with Onoff to optimize your communications.


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