How does it work?

Thanks to its revolutionary patented technology, Onoff allows you to own several mobile numbers in your smartphone. Without needing to have another SIM card or another device.

Protect your privacy

With Onoff you are protected. Do not share your personal mobile number and use your second number with Onoff for more security.

Manage all your communication on one device

No need for a second phone anymore. Manage your personal number and your second number on the same device.

No contract

You would like to use Onoff for one month or for one year? You decide – you can choose the duration you need. Onoff works without contract and without constraints.

Get started now!

Need phone numbers for a professional usage?

Onoff Business is the best solution to help save time, be efficient and reduce costs.
Onoff Telecom is a telecommunications operator, acknowledged by ARCEP

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Onoff was awarded a Foreign Recruitment Fellowship to support the recruitment of foreign information and communication technology (ICT) specialists.

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