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About Onoff, owned by Onoff Telecom. Onoff Telecom is a licensed telecommunications operator in 21 countries and supplying numbers from 17 different countries. You’ll find American, Asian, European and African numbers. Onoff has an international presence.

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Our technologies:

With 4 patented technologies, Onoff puts mobile phone numbers & telecom technology in the Cloud, bringing together the agility of mobile applications and the reliability of traditional telecommunications. Thanks to Onoff, you can make VOIP calls or Onoff calls and enjoy optimum call quality.

Our performances:

Over 2 billion messages have been exchanged using Onoff Telecom patented technology. About Onoff Telecom consists of 120 people, with its two offices situated in Tallinn, Estonia and in Paris, France.

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Onoff Telecom is a telecommunications operator, acknowledged by ARCEP

738 rue Yves Kermen
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Viru Väljak 2, Tallinn
10111 Estonia

Onoff was awarded a Foreign Recruitment Fellowship to support the recruitment of foreign information and communication technology (ICT) specialists.

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