Unlimited phone numbers on a single device.
Gone are the days when you were limited by the number of SIM card slots on your phone. Download the onoff App and purchase as many phone numbers as you want from all over the world instantly!
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Combining telecom and internet technologies has allowed us to bring you the most reliable connections at the lowest prices. Download the onoff App for free and enjoy one of the many international packages on offer.
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Have a phone number for every group of people you communicate with, and keep track of them efficiently. Dating, work, family, travel and anything else you can think of. Download the onoff App and manage all the aspects of your life from a single place.
Reinvent your communications with onoff
Mobile numbers from 3.49 €/month
Pay as you go on international calls
Calling abroad for as low as 0.03€ per minute
onoff reinvents communications by bringing telecom technologies into the mobile world, allowing you to have multiple phone numbers on a single device.
Your numbers are stored in the cloud so that with minimal internet connection you can enjoy the superior speed and quality that telecom provides.
onoff Business
Soon enough we will have business solutions which will offer incredible flexibility and competitive prices.
SIM Porting
Our virtual portability allows you to transfer your current SIM number into the app with ease. (Currently only available in France).
Customize your voicemail messages for each your numbers separately.
Coming soon!
With number portability between countries, your number can follow you wherever you go.
Calling abroad
The onoff technology allows you to call or text any international number at the best rate
Communicate Freely
Send free messages to other onoff users